Chapter 4.1


A land needs chiefs, roads, horses, dialects and more in order to trade between species

The beginning of wisdom is the statement ‘I do not know.’ The person who cannot make that statement is one who will never learn anything. And I have prided myself on my ability to learn. – Thrall

The infrastructure is organized by a network of Xcraft servers where it’s possible to have dedicated work for each node. A client in the network can be just a front-end by command line or with a graphical interface. But a client can be a server too. It’s not something like usual µServices. In the nodes you can find services, µServices, nanoServices, picoServices… A node can be on the same host, or on an other. A node can be connected to multiple other nodes. Between nodes you use buses (roads) and sometimes you are the chief. It’s not magic, no need to have Mana for playing with Xcraft (or maybe a little bit?).