The goblin workshop is made for crafting and modeling typical CRUD app domains. It’s a rapid tools for iterate data models, bind a UI. For mastering this powerfull layer, you must understand the key concepts and best pratices.

Combined with some other modules provide a full framework of goblins. We hope that this crafting experience will make you gain a precious times.

Key concepts

  • workshop contains services factories for building, searching and editing entities graphs
  • workitems services permit easy CRUD operations on entities graph
  • entities are goblin’s service like others
  • entities has auto-generated [quests] for CRUD operations
  • entities has aggregation functions for summaries, computing and indexing

Dependencies and side modules

The workshop module cover a mid-level data layer and he gets along well with his childhood friends.

goblin module main purpose
xcraft-core-converters provide data types and canonical value to store
goblin-destkop provide workitem UI and workitems managements
goblin-gagdets provide data binding UI components
goblin-rethink cache storage adapter for entities
goblin-elasticsearch indexer and search engine for entities
goblin-cryo root and backup storage, provide history on entities
goblin-nabu-storage translations messages storage

Your modules will provide entities and workitems, don’t hesite to split domains in separate goblins modules. We encourage composable and reusable domains. Overloading domains