Overview and usage

The goblin tradingpost allow you to serve goblin quests on an http API. You can add multiple goblin on the trading post with the quest below :

yield tradingAPI.addGoblinApi({
  goblinId: 'super-goblin',
  allowedCommands: ['toggleGodMode'],
  secure: null, // Not implement for the moment

When you are ready to serve your goblin(s) quests on the server, just start the server :

const address = yield tradingAPI.start();

There is a swagger server in dev environnement to see and test all quests exposed on the fastify server. Add just /docs to the base url returned by the quest start

You can remove quests exposed from a goblin by passing the goblinId :

yield tradingAPI.removeGoblinApi({
  goblinId: 'super-goblin',

Or remove all goblin quests :

yield tradingAPI.removeAllGoblinApi();

If you remove goblin quests you have to restart server for the changes to take effect :

yield tradingAPI.restart();

When you are done with the tradingpost, you can call the close quest :

yield tradingAPI.close();