The goblin at your service

For building the application you dreamed, you will ask yourself some right questions:

  • my app will run for a single user in his device ?
  • my app will run for a myriad of users, on a server ?

In all case, the crucial point is, my app is in all case a server hosting some “little know” services, aka goblins!

Don’t worry, if you choose xcraft and goblins for your next app, you can fit a lot of deployment configuration and topology. You can deep dive into xcraft topology chapters, for a better understanding.

So insteed of asking yourself hard questions, try with funny question:

  • Entities ?
  • CRUD ?
  • Libraries ?
  • Widgets ?
  • Theming ?
  • Translations ?
  • Search ?


We already have theses goblins, and they can respond, at your service!